Welcome to WARAT

Welcome to the Water Allocation Risk Analysis Tool (WARAT).  WARAT is a web-based decision tool to assist producers in the Great Plains with economic decisions regarding allocating irrigation water and acres among alternative crops.  As available water becomes limited, either through declining water tables or due to regulations, producers need to determine how to best allocate that water.  WARAT estimates expected (average) returns and a measure of income variability for different crop-land-water combinations based on user-provided inputs such that users can examine the risk-return tradeoffs that exist between alternative resource allocations.

The WARAT project was conceived to help Great Plains producers, irrigating out of the Ogallala Acquifer, to make informed decisions regarding the economic optimal use of their water allocations.  More specifically, the project is intended to help producers better understand 1) the relationship between irrigation water and yield for major crops (e.g., corn, cotton, soybeans, grain sorghum, alfalfa, wheat, and pasture), 2) water-dependent measures of yield variation for these major crops, and 3) drivers of variability in farm profitability for individual users' operations.